Make Money By Designing and Selling T-shirts Online.

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If you have any interesting ideas for T-shirts, you are wondering how you can make a profit by selling them online. Luckily, many more had this idea and so designing and selling successfully is completely possible for you. Go the general route by selling your t-shirts through a t-shirt sales website, or hire a company to offer a print, and then sell independently through an auction website or online marketplace.

Use T-shirt sales websites

Choose a t-shirt sales website that appeals to you. At the very least, many people prefer to sell shirts through websites that are designed to do it. This is because it is often the easiest, risky way. Most of these websites take care of the processing of sales, printing and shipping so that you do not need to.

Create an account on your chosen website. For most T-shirt sales sites you need to set up an account first before designing and selling your T-shirts. Go to the website, look for a button that reads “Join” or “Sign up” and click on it. It should redirect you to a form that will ask you to fill in your contact information. Fill in your payment information, and create a password for your account. Complete all required fields.

Go the easy route by creating your creative design on the website. Most T-shirt selling websites have a user-friendly design tool that allows you to design your T-shirt at the end of the website. Choose the t-shirt style and color you want and choose the different stock images that you can put on your shirt. You can also pick a font and add text to your t-shirt. Position your selected image and / or sound the way you want it and save your design.

If you are a technician, upload your design. When you are more experienced in design, try creating your design with graphic editing software like Photoshop or Illustrator. If you are not very familiar with this type of software then the options may be a bit overwhelming. But, designed in this way gives more freedom and originality.

Post your shirt for a price decision and sale. Each t-shirt sales website works a bit differently but for most of them you have to choose a price to sell each shirt and then they will ask you to list the item. The website will probably take care of the purchase, printing and shipping and you will get a commission for each sale.

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