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Through the process of using our services, you are to give consent that; you are willingly giving us the accessibility to your personal information according to our terms and conditions. You are free to ask any question you’d tend to know and follow our about page to know more of our FAQ.

We promise to strongly protect your data in every aspect and would thereby tend to process and use them if needed. This policy certifies that the data we collect from you will be used by us maintaining your full protection and privacy.

Please, read all the privacies policy carefully to understand how we’d tend to use your personal information and maintain privacy.

We may require the information:

We neither store nor share your sensitive information like credit card and anything like that.

If you register in our site or subscribe in our services; if you buy our products or post anything on our site; if you request for any information or report any problems: we would tend to collect the necessary and relevant information from your procedures that will confidentially be protected according to our policy.

We may further ask some questions related to your queries while you would like to contact us. Moreover, we may ask for some information related to our survey although is not obliged to provide. 



Technical information:

We may ask your IP related information due to our survey purposes and users’ interests concerns- like the devices you use, the availability of your IP location, the operating system, the browsers type, and the system administration as well. Be sure that we will not necessarily identify any individuals.

Your data will be stored at:

Your data will be stored and processed as per our mutual interest demonstrating and accomplishing a certain task with highly protective methods. We may use and process your data outside of the E.E.A area based on our needs and flexibility. We would process and store your data only for the following reasons: the fulfillment of your orders, processing of your payments, provisions of supports and services.

The data you provide us will be stored in our highly safe server without any vulnerably sharing and usage. The payment methods will be encrypted through SSL technology to maintain a high standard of security.

Moreover, you will be provided with a password which you will be asked not to share with others. Our concern fully addresses your data safety and security. 

How we protect data:

The Firewall protects Web applications and Web services from malicious attacks, and can also increase the performance and scalability of these applications. The Firewall offers every capability needed to deliver, secure and manage enterprise Web applications from a single appliance through an intuitive, real-time user interface. 

• Single point of protection for inbound and outbound traffic for all Web applications

 • Protects Web sites and Web applications against application-layer attacks 

• Monitors traffic and provides reports about attackers and attack attempts 

• Protection against common attacks 

• Outbound data theft protection 

• Web site cloaking 

• Granular policies 

• Load Balancing


The areas we tend to use your data:

For our greater marketing, we would make an extended list of buyers and periodically or regularly send promotional messages as per our marketing policies.

Make sure that we would use several contents, information, presentations of our products and services, and eventually send requests where you are free to either choose any option or deny them according to your choice.

We may also use your data to provide you with updated information about our new products and features of our services. If you are our existing customer, we would contact you through email or SMS. And if you are our new customer, we would ask for your permission to access your personal information to process the deal. The process will be held pending until you provide the necessary information to proceed further.

We promise not to disclose your data to any third parties unless importantly required and you were agreed upon that. We strictly main your personal privacy and location detail. 

If you like to restrict access to your specific information, you are free to contact us through our contact page and determine your choice of sharing.

Limited disclosures of your information:   

In case we are bound to any legal obligation we would be obliged to share your personal data to the respective authorities for state security reasons. If we, by the time, transfer the company to the third parties we will transfer your data as well as transferable properties to the respective parties.

Your rights:      

We care about your rights in processing and storing your data on our server. You are free to choose your option to either limit the access of your data or allow using freely. If you restrict access we may not be able to proceed certain tasks or stop some process in the middle. We advise you to read all our instructions carefully to buy any products or use any services according to your needs.

Our site may sometimes let you follow some third parties website to accomplish or to let you inform about extended information. Remember that every site has its own privacy policy, so it is your responsibility to check out theirs before you share any of your personal information with them. We will not be responsible for any issues in this regard.






Read our privacy policies to smoothly cooperate and collaborate with us. We have our own system our own policies that would have to contradict your ideas. We prefer your kind consideration and full attention while going through our policies and instruction.