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We, the  declare that: the terms and conditions apply to those who are directly or indirectly related to our endeavors, the one who purchase our products, our clients, subscribers, users, and any third that collaborate and cooperate with us will have to agree with our terms and conditions.

By downloading our product, you agree to our terms and conditions. Once you have downloaded our product, you can’t change your mind to ask for a refund unless there are relevant technical issues that meet our refund policies.


The way our sales are affected:

These below mentioned terms and conditions of sale (together with any relevant documents referred to in them (including the Website terms of use) applies the terms on which we provide any of the following products via our site to you:

· Any of our digital products downloads to your computer or mobile devices;

· Any of our videos downloaded products to your computer or mobile devices;

· Or, sometimes, digital downloads of web page related files (i.e. html, css, php, js) to your computer or mobile devices.

As long as you agree to buy our product or use our services you are required to click the ‘proceed’ button to clearly acknowledge our privacy policies, refund policies, and terms and conditions. All purchases are subject to license agreements and terms and conditions. These terms and conditions cover the agreement between you and etc craft stating the rights and rules of using the specific product. This agreement doesn’t cover any involvement of any third parties you might have dealt with or any other issues else. You are free to ask any question, any time related to our products and our sites. And read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any products.


If you in any way disagree or find any conflict in our terms and conditions, we recommend you to stick to our following areas to find a good solution to your problems: please visit our privacy policies, refund policies, terms, and conditions.

We consider the issues related to you:

  • Please, confirm that you are capable of using our product and able to get the best of them.
  • Make sure that you are over 18.

You agree to the point that you will not violate our usage policies like copying or sharing the product that was not permissible from our part.

 By purchasing our digital product you agree to our terms and conditions that certify that we would collect, store and use your personal data. We would work with third parties that help us provide the Digital Products to you including card payment and collection companies and they will also have access to your personal data to the extent necessary to help us proceed, process and fulfill your orders. For further information about us we recommend you to contact with us, you may check our FAQ, even if you are not convinced with the answers or the answers don’t reply to your posed question, you are free to ask custom questions, our support team will be prompt to answer you immediately.


Registration policies:

If you have already decided to purchase our products, you have to go through a registration process, where you are required to fill our online registration form and provide some necessary information like your personal information, credit card information, and the information we may need and ask for an effective and risk-operation.

Please, note that it is very important to provide us updated, authentic and real information for both of our benefits. If you provide false, incomplete or incorrect information we may warn you to correct your information a couple of times and eventually, continue submitting false information, we may inflict a ban on your registration. 


We suggest you protect your ID and password as you may not disclose it, anyone.


Precaution measures:

By registering in our site you agree to the point that you would not share, distribute, lend, modify, edit, adapt or sublicense the collection of digital products in our site. Moreover, this permission doesn’t certify you to resale, promotion, reproduction, or any commercial exploitation in any condition.

We will provide a download link as soon as you complete the payment procedure. All of our prices of digital products will be quoted on our site. If there is any error you will be redirected to the previous option where you were in your earlier attempt.

Order placement:

After placing an order for a digital product on our site you will be notified and provided a link to follow through your email, that you have already provided us while filling our form. Then, if you follow the link, the statement will direct you to the completion of the process.


Eventually, the contract for the purchase of the digital product will happen between us acknowledging our monetizing policy and privacy policies.


Delivery method:

Our featured and available digital product is subject to have availability and deliverability. Please, note that you will be liable if the following accusation goes against you: if it appears that you use an unauthorized product, which is misleading, incorrect or offensive to a certain point. 


Liability goes to us:

By purchasing digital products from our site you agree that you will not claim any issues if we decide any change, update or removal of our product from our site. We warrant to you that any Digital Product purchased through our site is of satisfactory and reasonably fit for the purpose for which products of the same kind are commonly supplied. We do not make any other promises or warranties about the Digital Products. You agree that the use of this site to access or purchase Digital Products is at your sole risk.


Local jurisdiction, question, and quires:

If you have any further questions and queries you are free to contact us through our websites. We will be prompt to deal with your problem and try to solve it right. If any dispute or claim is arising out of or in connection with such contracts or their formation, shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States.